T.A.C. take two
December 28, 2008


click on jules’ “who the fuck” point or miss janes effortless style to see a night full of sliced pans, super soakers and a fabulous lion and king pair o dj’s. Toy Disco girls and Robotnik rocked or freakin socks and our teddy bear photographer friend was there to take pictures aswell……..living the dream!


fuck off…..im a barbie, not just a doll
December 20, 2008


this ones a big one kids!click on bert’s nose even though he is almost getting his bit, and you can see the mystery bum, mario and luigi on their shrooms, the original alan photographer, stretch armstrong, wigs/antlers galore and the fattest (with a capital PH) fur coat i ever did see!

tac le cirque
November 29, 2008


click on ella’s nerd specs to see the fun delirious night of debauchery. lack of sleep plus double vodka red bull equals fun fun times!