T.A.C. take two
December 28, 2008


click on jules’ “who the fuck” point or miss janes effortless style to see a night full of sliced pans, super soakers and a fabulous lion and king pair o dj’s. Toy Disco girls and Robotnik rocked or freakin socks and our teddy bear photographer friend was there to take pictures aswell……..living the dream!


it’s a blue blue night
December 15, 2008


click on jess’ bulging bicepts to see the recession friendliest night of my week. 2XM  Art Art ARt of the craftiest kind and Fash gash hits up the blue blue le CirQue!

T.A.C. party monster disco
November 29, 2008

songs for swingin children

click on ailbhe’s fabulous claw to see novembers night of fabulousness…..backstage antics with a balloon corner, the coolness tear the stage to shreads! bitches with wolves setting the standards with how many costume changes. fur jackets and fox tails……thats what our dreams are made of!!!