tac le cirque

November 29, 2008 - Leave a Response


click on ella’s nerd specs to see the fun delirious night of debauchery. lack of sleep plus double vodka red bull equals fun fun times!


we are trash…

October 3, 2008 - Leave a Response

trev has to yet again relocate this night that will always be remembered as the tuesday night sweat box to most of us. its latest home is in the wonderful renovated andrews lane theatre which has survived its first summer of clubbing kids.it seemed to be a night enjoyed by all and here are

some of those lovely people.

i am still wainting on the funds to get me a proper

slr d but here are some fun times from the night.

selling some car boots?

September 27, 2008 - 2 Responses

i Had a nice little visit to not only the bernard shaw car boot sale today but also the curved street market cafe which favourite playplay friendfriend katie-liga was selling her wonderful vintage assortments.i then popped down to temple bar square for a cuppa tea and all along the way i got some lovely pictures of some lovely creatively dressed people!


she loves sales of boots

she takes lovely photos and makes lovely art

she sells crazy accesories

she is a promotions whore(her words not mine)

she loves to play dress up      her blog blog

she is not as serious as she looks

he had a goldfish named after him……it died.

excuse me……sorry, i love your style……do you mind if i take your picture?

September 26, 2008 - Leave a Response

i have decided to start off this page to seek out all the people who put that extra effort not just when they are on the razz but when they are hungover to fook the morning AFTER they were out on the razz and still manage to wear those shoes that never seem to properly break in, BUT they look like hand crafted sex. and dont let that last comment throw you……..the people i wish to seek out have to have the whole package…..we are talking a combo of hair, outfit and shiny shiny shoes.

i shall also be hitting Dublin’s finest dance emporiums (clubs…..whatever!) to catch all you kids out on Dublin’s magical streets getting your night crawl on….because we all do like to put that little extra effort in at night! see, i can be nice.

so dublin, get your act together, pull up those socks add some tongue and cheek mens suspenders……….and lads, for god sake will you keep up cos your falling behind and makin us looked wrecked………


shallow and superficial,  yes………but i love to play dress up!