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wanna get fucked in my toybox?
December 20, 2008


YES THIS WILL BE THE OFFICIAL LAST SESSION BEFORE CHRISTMAS! come play and dress up…..the theme is toybox so we want super chic toy inspired outfits……heres some insipiration




the wonderful robotnik shall be taking the stage along with the always fabulous Toy Disco Girls who will be tearing it up with great chhhhooooooons on the decks.

u want it……come and get it.



Everyone gets trashed at christmas.
December 17, 2008


Click on Shell’s savage powerpuff headband to see the night of cock sucking cowboys, pints of miller and granny kellys wine. its festive beginnings i tells ya!

t-t-t-t-t-ransmition un-edited
December 9, 2008


Click on tash’s razor cheekbones to see a mean game of slaps.hyper daire man wrestle orlando to the ground just before he uses his blowjob lips on the top of kathi’s head…(her words not mine!). long live transmition.

T.A.C. party monster disco
November 29, 2008

songs for swingin children

click on ailbhe’s fabulous claw to see novembers night of fabulousness…..backstage antics with a balloon corner, the coolness tear the stage to shreads! bitches with wolves setting the standards with how many costume changes. fur jackets and fox tails……thats what our dreams are made of!!!